Buyer's Guides

Today's customers don't always come to you first. With the masses of information available on demand, many potential buyers are doing their research in trade magazines and online, comparing products and capabilities and making decisions without ever talking to the representatives for those brands.

In this environment, it's vital for a brand to make sure its best arguments have been put forward in the places their customers will go to investigate. More than ever, those places are associated with the trusted editorial content of established trade magazines--and their up-to-the-minute methods of staying in touch with readers.

That's why Oildom Publishing provides two comprehensive online Buyer's Guides in addition to our yearlong product-specific indexes. The Buyer's Guides are fully searchable directories of an industry's capabilities by company and by product, with multimedia enhancements to display your company's capabilities, a listing of all the products and services you provide and extensive contact information to make sure customers can get hold of you when they're ready. They are published annually in the relevant magazines, and support links from all our editorial content online--if you have a buyer's guide record for your company, you also have a specialized page at our website collecting all the editorial coverage of your company.

The buyer's guides extend the services we offer through our (completely free) series of capabilities guides published each year and act as your company's home at Oildom Publishing. A basic listing is completely free, enhancements are easy to add, and you can sign up online in five minutes or less. If you're not listed...your customers are missing you.

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For more information, to correct an out-of-date listing if you've lost the password, or to discuss enhancement materials, please contact online editor Erin Nelsen Parekh, or 281-558-6930 x210.