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Oildom Publishing was started in 1908 by Oliver C. Klinger, the grandfather of our current president. For over 100 years, Oildom has remained a family-owned business while continuously publishing high-quality and market relevant titles serving the energy, construction and rehabilitation markets. Today, we are comprised of two award-winning circulation-audited monthly magazines, a vibrant monthly news circular and two industry-leading conferences. We are based in Houston, TX, but we have readers and contacts around the world.

About our publications

Oildom currently publishes three monthly titles.

Pipeline & Gas Journal.

Pipeline & Gas Journal is the recognized authority on pipeline operations worldwide. In publication since 1859, P&GJ currently maintains approximately 28,000 qualified, audited subscribers in the energy transportation business around the globe. It is written and edited to be of service to those involved in moving, marketing and managing hydrocarbons from the wellhead to the ultimate consumer. Energy transportation is a very technical business that demands continual upgrading of skills and expertise. P&GJ's editorial mission is to assist our readers in performing their jobs to the utmost of their abilities. P&GJ's extensive catalogue of in-depth features, project reports, regulatory coverage and best practices helps our readers successfully use technology and cope with changes caused by forces inside as well as outside the industry.

Readership in composed of pipeline owners, contractors, engineers and support positions. The magazine reaches approximately 28,000 readers monthly, all of whom have individually requested it in writing.

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Underground Construction.

Underground Construction serves the water, sewer, natural gas and telecom industries with the latest news, products, project case studies and regulation updates relevant to the underground industry. Readership is composed of contractors, engineers, municipal employees and other asset owners. The magazine reaches approximately 38,000 readers, all of whom have individually requested it in writing.

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Pipeline News.

Pipeline News is designed as an information source on pipeline construction and large civil pipeline projects worldwide, including large directionally drilled river crossings. This publication offers both the latest underground construction news and a compilation of pipeline construction projects worldwide that are planned and/or out-for-bid. The Contracts Let section focuses on projects that have been awarded and are currently under way.

Circulation is paid and stands at approximately 2500. Each issue is mailed with first class or airmail postage to arrive on the first of the month. Every month a new password is printed on the back of each issue that allows every subscriber access to the updates listed on-line at pipeline-news.com.

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About our conferences

UCT International Conference & Exhibition.

UCT is the premier conference devoted to underground infrastructure and attracts thousands of attendees yearly to its world-class education sessions, vibrant exhibit floor and excellent networking events.

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Pipeline Opportunities Conference.

Pipeline Opportunities Conference is the only event dedicated to the pipeline industry alone, and provides unparalleled strategic insight into the state of the industry to pipeline owners, contractors, regulators and consultants.

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Buyer's guides, association directories and more

Both Underground Construction and Pipeline & Gas Journal host comprehensive buyer's guides for their respective marketplaces. Each buyer's guide is maintained year-round online and published once annually in the print publication. Entry into the buyer's guide is free and encouraged for all qualified companies.

Pipeline & Gas Journal Buyer's Guide | Underground Construction Buyer's Guide

Oildom also publishes several association directories for professional associations in our market.

Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA)
Distribution Contractors' Association (DCA)